It’s not weather like we have!

Hi everybody,

Sorry about the last video…as soon as I put it on the blog… it was removed!

Will try again with this one.

We are lucky here in Thailand…our bad weather usually isn’t really too bad.

Sometimes we have storms, sometimes it is hot, sometimes cool…but never really really bad like it is in some places.  Here is a video about how the weather,  really bad weather looks and acts in Antarctica at the South Pole of the earth.

I am glad I am here and not there… you will only see the weather for about three seconds, but that should be enough to get the idea.

Here we go to the south pole.



Art and Music – What more can you ask for?

Hi again everyone,

Today I have a You-tube video for you that I hope you like.

You will, if you like art and beautiful music.

First, the music is Suite #1 by Johannes Sebastien Bach. It is performed by the great cellist [chel – ist] Yo-yo Ma. He plays the cello [chell – oh].

The art is 500 years of the beauty of women…from DaVinci to Picasso and present times.

It may take a minute or so to load into your browser…be patient. The video is about 3 minutes long.

Enjoy the view of some of the world’s greatest art and some really good music.

Here it is–

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

Best always,


It’s MONSTER time…

Hi everyone,

I guess you know that next week is Halloween…it is not such a big deal here in Thailand, but some people are interested in it.

If you want to learn more about Halloween and many other things.  Don’t forget that the FactMonster is a special site for young people…It’s safe and fun and you can learn a lot of new things.

Just go to–

More next time,

Best always,


A New Class Video – The Beginning Weekenders

Hi all,

First, thanks for reading the blog…and don’t forget to comment.

Here is a new class video – The Beginning Saturday and Sunday Class.

Before I show it to you, I do want to tell you that it is made by the Animoto Website.

Go to Animoto.Com and you can make a video for yourself…all you need is a digital camera, upload your pictures, select some music and the Animoto thing makes the video in a few minutes. You can send it to friends, put it in your website and have fun… keep it under 30 seconds and it is free, free, free!

Now here is the video link – enjoy.


Time to POP your brain!

Hi everybody,

I hope everything is good on your vacation.

It’s time to relax but don’t forget your brain needs some exercise.

Here is a site that has some nice cartoon movies.

When it opens, choose a subject that you like and then choose a movie to watch.  Choose the free ones!! It may take a minute or so for the movie to load… but it is worth the wait.

Here is the link–



Wow! That’s football!!

Hi everyone,

Here is an interesting video of some football players in Japan.  (Note to any Americans reading this–Soccer to you.)

Football in America is a game played mostly with the hands and only sometimes with the feet… Football in the rest of the world is a game played mostly with the feet and only sometimes with the hands.

I think you will like this video… you see some of the street scene in Japan… and you will hear part of a news story from an American TV station – That is why they are saying…. soccer!  But you and I know that it is football, don’t we?


[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

A Quick “Video” of the Beginning MW class

Hi everybody,

I hope it is a good day for you.

This is a “video” that I made this morning.  It features the Monday/Wednesday Beginning ESL Class.

Before you look at it, I want to tell you that it is easy to make.  And, it’s free to make a 30 second video.  Go to and register with your email address.

To make this video, I uploaded about 16 pictures, it took about 10 minutes.  The making of the video is easy and fun…the music is from the animoto library and is free to use for your video… they have easy rock, electronic, and HIP HOP!

The video is at this address.  Copy and paste it into your browser address bar.




How to comment

I just noticed, I told you to comment, but I didn’t tell you how.

Look at the bottom of the article.  You will see a little “no comments” or “one comment” or something like that.  Click on it.  A new page will pop-up that will have a comment box at the bottom.

Write your comment in that… click submit.

Ooooh!  So easy!

That’s all.